Easy Rest Hammock Chairs

The hand looms which are used when weaving Easy Rest Hammock Chairs makes them strong, yet comfortable and able to mold to your body when you sit in it.  It takes time to weave a hammock chair by hand and can use up to a mile of thread.

The artists who make Easy Rest Hammock Chairs put forth a great amount of thought and effort in obtaining raw material of the utmost quality. Their goal is  to offer designs and colors adaptable to market trends and consumer preference.

The wood bar for the chairs are imported from Chile to ensure the longevity of the product.

By purchasing Easy Rest Hammock Chairs you are making a favorable economic impact to the artist and their families who put time into making these “luxury cradles” by hand. The income from the production of Easy Rest Hammock Chairs ensure that these rural communities will continue to increase their quality of life!