About Us

Positive Impact

BE-FREE IMPORTS LLC. goal is to do more then sell products, our focus is to make a positive impact by providing producers access to the global market and offering consumers thousand of miles away an opportunity to purchase a quality product, while making a sustainable investment in the producers community.

In the 21st century the world is truly connected and your purchase helps to improve the quality of our partners lives by contributing to the economical development (i.e. better nutritious meals, education, and employment) in their communities.

Such an approach to economic development is a win for all parties involved!


Benjamin Freelon was born and raised in Houston, TX.  During his upbringing he was deeply fascinated by other cultures.

After obtaining a college degree he side stepped the pursuit of a average job and instead chose to continue his education by immersing his self in another culture as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala from 2007 – 2009. During this time,  he was exposed to a variety of valuable products not abundant in the U.S.

From this experience he founded BE-FREE IMPORTS, LLC in 2011 based on the idea of offering the U.S. market imported goods which are quality, unique, and rare.

Our Value

BE-FREE IMPORTS LLC. is an intermediary which acts as a bridge in the international market by sourcing quality goods from abroad and assuring the successful sell of those products in the U.S. market.

For the manufacture in the exporting country we provide guidance on the consumers’ preference in the U.S. and other details regarding product importation.

For companies in the U.S. we act on their behalf by making sure that the products meet their costumers demand.

Our Services

  • Manufacturer representative
  • Importing (Logistically getting the product from abroad to the U.S.)
  • Clearing goods through customs (Making sure the product complies with all U.S. laws and any necessary tariffs are paid)
  • Storing goods in warehouse prior to distribution to buyers
  • Marketing and packaging product with labels in English
  • Presenting U.S. companies with a niche product which fit their market, while adding value by offering product diversity
  • Transport of the product to the customer’s door